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Digital Torque Control Module DMMD

Problem: Electrical Vehicles with RPM Controller

With some electrical vehicles it is merely impossible to control the torque of the motor. This is extremely annoying during start up or at low speed e.g. while trialing. This for example is the case when the motor controller uses an RPM control loop. This implies that the controller tries to reach the RPM that correspondents to the throttle signal with maximum possible torque.
The throttle response is very bumpy and motor torque control is nearly impossible.

Solution: DMMD

With the picoamps DMMD the Charakteristics of the drive system can be optimized. The DMMD is connectorized. Therefore installing it into existing systems is very simple. Adapter cables are available on demand.

Das DMMD is available in two Variants:

1. DMMD with open loop Control Software
In this case the throttle signal will be modified with a complex digital algorithm in order to compensate for the unwanted dynamical effects of the system as best as possible without additional sensors. To achieve this the parameters of the DMMD and other parameters e.g. gear ratios have to be optimized to meet the requirements of the driver.

2. DMMD with closed loop Control Software
Alternatively a closed control loop can be realized with additional sensor equipment. The sytem now shows torque control behaviour, which is almost identical to a vehicle with combustion engine.

Detailled information on the picoamps DMMD is available on our Download Page


Additional Cooling of the Motor

The power dissipation of the motor strongly depends on the usage scenario. In vehicle appliations at high environmental temperatures, extreme driving style and increased grip level - e.g. on asphalt - the original motor does not provide sufficient cooling performance. As a result the electrical power might be disrupted if monitored or the engine may even be destroyed.

The picoamps Cooling Kits provide for improved motor cooling and thus longer life time of the motor. Due to the effect of reduced temperatures at the brushes they will show substatially lower wear and tear.

picoamps Cooling Kits are available awith cooling power of approx. 150W, 300W and 600W and can be used with the following motors:

L.M.C.® Motors Series 170 and 200

e.g. in: - Quantya® e-motocycles
- vRone® Model E-SCOOTER

AGNI® Motors

e.g. in: - ZERO® Models X, MX, S, DS, XU

Detailled information on the picoamps Cooling Kits is available on our Download Page

Cooling Kit

Booster Kit

to boost maximum speed by up to 30%
(depending on environmental conditions, with additional fan if required)

The picoamps Booster Kit will modify the engine giving you kind of a electromechanical "stepless gear shift". An increase of the top speed by up to 30% can be reached without changing sprockets. Therefore the picoamps Booster Kit provides extra speed on straights while maintaining good acceleration when leaving bends. The usage of the Booster Kit will stongly increase the losses in the motor. Therefore it not intended for continuous usage, but rather for a momentary increase of the top speed e.g. on straights during races.

We ship the Booster Kit as a conversion kit to be mounted on a Quantya Strade equipped with a picoamps Cooling Kit. Other cofiguarations require an individual mounting solution.

Note: It is possible to install the Booster Kit yourself. In this case it is not necessary to ship us the brush plate of your engine. However, we recommend to have it done in an authorised service center.

Note: No general operating license available, yet.

Warning! You will loose the manufacturer warranty for your motor-cycle if you use the Booster Kit.

Booster Kit

Kill-Switch (Emergency-Off)

Applicable for all electrical vehicles

In case of emergency the picoamps Kill-Switch reliably interrupts the ignition circuit of your vehicle. Other than in conventual products a magnetic switch is used that closes in presence of a sufficiantly strong magnetic field. The included magnet can be fixed on the wrist with a rope. As long as the magnet is positioned on the magnetic adhesion point (e.g. screw or armature) the switch is closed and the vehicle ready for driving. As soon as the magnet is removed from the adhesion point the switch opens and ignition and motor are turned off.

The main advantage of this magnetic system with regard to conventual systems is that the magnet can be easily removed in all directions. It cannot be stuck and thus prevent the emergency off function.

The Kill-Switch is easily mounted: Fix the magnetic switch with two calble ties to the handlebar close to a magnetic adhesion point (e.g. screw or armature). Connect the cable to the electrical ignition cirquit, done!

Note: No general operating license available, yet.

Warning! The maximum switching power 10 Watts of the Kill-Switch must not be exceeded at any time.

The switching power is calculated as the product of the maximum battery voltage and the maximum operating current. If required, the switching power can be reduced by using a propriate series resistance or other equivalent change of cirquit.

Kill Switch
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