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BatteryLifeEnhancer BLE200

BatteryLifeEnhancer BLE200

to increase the Lifetime of your Battery

The picoamps BatteryLifeEnhancer BLE200 is a supplement to the battery charger of your e-bike or pedelec. The available chrarging cycles until the battery needs to be replaced is significantly increased by using the BLE200. As a result you achieve more than twice the distance you can travel within the lifetime of your battery. Besides cost savings the ecological footprint using your e-bike or pedelec will be substantially reduced.

Aside from that, possible electric arcs while connecting the charger to your battery will be prevented, which results in additional battery lifetime.

While operating in ECO-mode the BLE200 will prevent charging the battery to maximum filling level. Instead the charging will be stopped at ca. 95% filling level. Doing this the chemical aging of the battery is substantially reduced while only minimally reducing the available range of the battey load. You will typically achieve an enhancement of the charging cycles by a factor of 2.5, which gives you more than twice the lifetime distance of your battery compared to charging without BLE200.

For occasional need of maximum filling level e.g. for long range tours or battery cell balancing (if a balancer is available) the BLE200 can be used in MAX-mode.

In principle, the BLE200 can be used with any battery charger that meets the specified voltage and current range. There are two options to combine the BLE200 with the battery charger, dependent on the manufacturer:

  • usage of the BLE200 as a seperate adapter between charger and battery
  • fixed installation of the BLE200 into the cable between charger and battery

For fixed installation of the BLE200 the battery charger has to be shipped to picoamps.

Detailled information on the picoamps BLE200 is available on our Download-Bereich



The picoamps PAS-Adapter was developed for cadence controlled e-bike systems, aka PAS (Pedal Assist System) with PAS sensor.

The PAS-Adapter offers enormeous improvement of the support characteristics and with its stepless level control it offers many advantages for all driving szenarios, especially riding mountain bikes in a technically difficult environment.

The PAS-Adapter replaces the discrete levels of support of the e-bike control unit by a stepless control level that can be matched to any usage situation. The support level is set by means of a grip throttle or thumb throttle. Since the support will only be provided while continuously pedaling the PAS-Adapter meets legal requirements.

The momentary control level set with the throttle can be stored pressing a push button. This level will be applied even without keeping the throttle activity as long as continuous pedaling is provided. If the cadence falls below a specific value, the stored value will be cleared for safety reasons.

The throttle can be used as traction help without padeling. The speed is then limited to the legal limit of 6 km/h.

The PAS-Adapter is configured for PAS sensors with 12 pulses per pedal round. It can be adapted to other PAS sensors on request.

Detailled information on the picoamps PAS-Adapter is available on our Download-Bereich

PAS Adapter
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