Tuning and Service

We support you optimizing your electrical vehicle and purchasing components

Consulting and customer specific developments electrically driven vehicles

Make use of our know-how to develop innovative solutions to your specific problem.

You are not satisfied with the driving characteristics of your electrical vehicle?

Make use of our know-how also for your electrical vehicle. We support you optimizing your vehicle using our proprietary simulation models, which will deliver optimal tuning of battery, motor and gearing.


Service and Spare Parts for LYNCH and AGNI Motors

We offer spare parts and maintenance for LEMCO Motors, as well as new complete motors. Inhouse we can measure and check the motor regarding electrical characteristics.

We have large experience in service and maintanance of LYNCH and AGNI motors. If you face a problem with a motor of the named manufacturers we are able to repair it as far as possible-
We are able to perform electrical characterization of your motor and thus identify damages within the armature.

We help you to purchase spare parts for your LYNCH and AGNI motors, such as brushes, axles or armatures, or even complete motors.


Extensive technical consulting for all Quantya® models

You plan to purchase a Quantya motorcycle?
You own a Quantya motorcycle and need technical support?

We offer personal and competent support and also find spare parts for your Quantya motorcycle.

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