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User and Installation Manuals

Digital Torque Control Module DMMD

Product Overwiew Digital Torque Module DMMD
Manual for Digital Torque Module DMMD
Settings Examples for Parameters of Digital Torque Module DMMD
Error codes LED status and error codes of Digital Torque Module DMMD

Zero point Zero point adjustment for OSET after installation of DMMD !!! -----> important

Conversion from Hall to Potentiometer Type Throttle

Kill Switch

Manual for Kill Switch

Booster Kit

User Manual for Booster Kit
Installation Manual for Booster Kit

picoamps Cooling Kits

User Manual for picoamps Cooling Kits
Video on how to mount springs into brush guide

Useful Hints

Imortant Safety Instructions for Electrical Vehicles

Terms and Condidtions

Terms and Conditions (in German)

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